Spectrum Analysis

Tektronix 2710 Analyzer

Spectrum Analysis of both Audio and RF is a great way to detect problems, spurious components, and on some, modulation levels, like FM Deviation. With Peak Markers, it's possible to scan a band of frequencies looking for activity, very useful to determine if VHF or UHF repeater frequencies are being used.

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Spectrum Analyzer w Tracking Generator

IFR A-7550 AnalyzerĀ 

Testing Frequency Response of filters, duplexers, diplexers, and with a Return Loss Bridge, SWR based on return loss (the more the better) when testing an antenna.

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Oscilloscope Discussions

Beckman Dual Trace Scope

Every electronics technician needs a good Oscilloscope, Dual Trace, and at least 20 Mhz response.

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Hopefully as this progresses, I'll have information on Scopes, Analyzers, Software spectrum analyzers, Service Monitors, Antennas, etc.

NLS Miniscope

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