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Originally licensed as Novice in 1959 as KN8TNK while in Wyoming, Ohio as a 7th grader. K8TNK in 1960, General WA2VSM in 1962, Long Island, N.Y. WA3 ?? (While at college, not very active) WB8TKE (when at U.M. in Ann Arbor)

WA4EGT after moving to Florida in about 1970. Moved to California in 1988, keeping WA4EGT callsign.

Was elected trustee for local club, SOARA in 1989. Contributed to that effort for about 6 years, doing major upgrades to systems, getting back 224.640 which was almost lost to another group, maintained and upgraded the club's 147.645 system until 1995, promoted cooperative arrangement with HROC for sharing a 440 system, got 224.640 coordinated on Santiago Peak, and spent a lot of time working for club until 1995.

Now actively involved in N6WIK 3 repeater systems and Niguel Amateur Radio Club, and developing software.

WA4EGT until 1996, now W6FCC (my 3rd choice).

rev March, 2002

Involved in development of features in AudioRTA PC based audio spectrum analysis, once available at Now only available to users who need it. See brief discussion

Now considering bringing back PkGOLD and KaGOLD for the many amateurs who have told me that these programs are still the best available for AEA-PK232, DSP-232, KAM, KAM Plus, KPC-3, KPC-4, KPC-9612 supporting call recognition, automatic exchange of information, binary file transfers, conferencing, etc

rev July, 2017

Rev April, 2018 - Using ICOM IC-7300, remote operation from Orange County CA to IC-7300 owned and operated by Rich, WZ2D who allows me to access his radio from California. When on Rich's radio, am running 100w PEP to 10-40 meter Beam at 70' with excellent coverage.

My Software Story

InterFlex Systems Design Corp for years, developed and sold KaGOLD and PkGOLD with the help of local ham/programmer.

Also wrote major sections of microcode for RC-210 repeater controller that included all the code for Meter setup (using the analog to digital input, and my code to create meter readings) all the code for Voice Recording, Plaback, Erasure, etc. Numerous revisions to make the code smaller so it would actually fit into the microprocessor system in use. See page 45 of the manual and the chapters on Meter Faces and DVR both patterned by me to emulate RC-850 Controllers on my two repeater systems.


W6FCC - Jeff - Background

Jeff is the owner of Telesis Corporation (a Michigan Corporation) and operated for years in Florida and California as
"InterFlex Systems" Corporation

BSEE Electrical Engineering U. of Michigan
M.B.A. from University of Central Florida
Ph.D. from University of Michigan

Now Retired

Jeff Towle, Ph.D.

Founder & CEO

Software Developer
Management Consultant

Current Activities: TBA



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